Tobiloba Ajayi - Building a career by saying yes to new things

This is the first article in the #ExperienceKippa series- a limited series that follows the inspiring journey of our first internship cohort.

Tobiloba Ajayi has lived many lives. From a year in catering school to arguing before judges in South Africa as a school representative and running a small business. But the one thing that has helped her switch roles and navigate new experiences is her commitment to saying yes to new things.  In the last three months, she has worked with the Compliance team at Kippa providing support to core business functions and driving anti-fraud initiatives.  

Growing Up

I spent my early childhood moving across a lot of primary schools. From Lagos to Osun and Ogun. It's why I do not have a lot of childhood friends. I finally settled in Lagos, finishing secondary school and gaining admission to the University of Lagos.

Fun fact, I initially wanted to study Mass Communication. But my Mum convinced me to study law because it was a “professional course”. I consoled myself, thinking I could do a masters in mass communications after if I was still interested.

Another fun fact; I had a gap year before University because I was too young. I spent it going to a catering school and running a branch of a business owned by the proprietor of the catering school. I wonder how she trusted a 15-year-old.  

Studying law

I lived many lives while studying law. I used to host events. I was a member of the mooting society rising to become its Vice President in my fourth year. I went for the Price Media Law Moot in South Africa. We qualified for the UK World Rounds but my visa was denied. I applied myself in many areas to build myself.  In all, it was a swell time!  

Joining Kippa

I almost practised law after finishing the Nigerian Law School. I even got an offer at a litigation-focused firm but I didn't want that life. I wanted a flexible culture. I was excited when I got the opportunity to support an early-stage company that was setting up in Nigeria. It was remote, the hours were flexible. It was a great experience. That job placement ended and my friend told me about a compliance internship at Kippa so I applied. The attraction to Kippa was the opportunity to work in fintech and understand how the law supports the growth of startups.

One month later I got a call from Cynthia at Kippa asking me when I could start!

Expectations vs  Reality  

I thought I was going to do a lot of data protection. I was in for a shock! We were constantly doing a lot of anti-fraud and customer protection. It was different but in a good way. I am constantly learning and convinced that I can build a career out of compliance from my experience here at Kippa.

Advice for applicants

Keep an open mind!
The work culture here is chill. Importantly, you will find people willing to teach you once you are ready to learn. In my first two weeks, I was constantly asking my supervisor questions. He was patient and kept guiding me through.

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere