Kippa vs MS Excel, Solmax Technologies

For a lot of business owners, Microsoft Excel was an introduction to bookkeeping and accounting using technology. Long tables, formulas that made calculation a breeze, and no paper required. MS Excel made it easy for small businesses to manage financial records with a computer over using hefty bookkeeping ledgers for things like balance sheets, cashbooks, etc. Here is the thing, MS Excel was not made solely for small business owners, it’s hard to use on mobile, it doesn’t automatically record inventory or send invoices to your customers. So, Kippa User, David Umama, had to move from his Ms-Excel sheet to Kippa. We had a chat to understand why

What is your name and what do you do?

I’m David Umama, I run Solmax Technologies, a computer business center; we offer Engineering/Electrical services, training services, printing services, general contracts, and supply of computer accessories or equipment. It is located at No. 71 Millenium Quarters, opposite Powa Shopping Complex Yelwa, Bauchi State.

How is business going?

Business is going well, as best as it possibly can.

What is your role in your company?

I own the company and I’m the director; my day to day at work generally entails supervising my workers and overall management of the business center.

Tell us what comes to mind when you think of the Kippa App?

Personally, for me, it has been a very handy app; it allows me to manage the bookkeeping aspect of my company very easily without any issues.

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What made you start using the app?

For a while, I had been on the hunt for any application or software that could help me keep my financial records seamlessly. Initially, I used Microsoft Excel to record my financial records on my computer, but later I realized that it was not working as well on my phone. The calculations were not correct and putting formulas was wahala. But now ever since I joined Kippa, I can track all my financial records accurately with a click of a button on the Bookkeeping app and I am confident in the reports I get.

How has the Kippa app helped you with managing your finances/accounts?

The app has helped me in harmonizing my accounts; I currently run two branches of my company and now I can merge the two financial records from both irrespective of where I am. Both are connected to a single account on my app on different devices, it is convenient and easy.

What has your experience been like with the app?

I love the way the app looks and how I use it. Irrespective of the issues I may have had with the app when I had just started using it, the new updates always reformed something I may have had an issue with and I truly love that. Kippa listens to its users.

What would you say is the best feature in the app, what do you like about it?

The inventory feature for products, because I am on track with the products I have in my storage, I know when I am running low and when to restock. The cashbook feature as well is one I love, with it, I can track money in and money out. The app as a whole is really easy and convenient to use. These are the ones I use the majority of the time anyways.

What advice would you give to any business that just started using Kippa?

They should take the time to familiarise themselves with the app, onboarding into the app takes time. Especially with the inventory feature where you have to upload product by product, price, and all, you need to take the time to explore the app.

You also have to have an online presence in your business to see value in the app to understand the need for it. The world is going digital so you have to move with it as well to manage your business and manage their finances very well, which would, in turn, grow your business.

Final question; What’s a lesson you’ve learned about your money or business since you started using the app?

I have learned how to keep myself accountable with Kippa, it helps me manage my spending; if I’m spending more than I’m earning in a day, the moment my balance hits red I have to call myself to check how much I have spent.

Send invoices and receipts to customers
Send invoices and receipts to customers
Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun