5 reasons why customers think your business is a scam

reasons why customers think your business is a scam

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Back to this scam wahala

Think from a customer’s point of view, have you ever tried to buy something from a vendor but their business or what they're selling isn't sitting with your spirit, something just feels wrong and “scam-like”?. Yes Yes, those kinds of businesses. If a customer has ever said “I hope I won’t get scammed oh” then this article is for you.
There are reasons why customers can think that a business is a scam and we want to make sure you are not making any of those mistakes.

No Customer Feedback Online

Why are you an online vendor and your comment is off or you don’t have any customer’s on your Instagram page? Most buyers always search for previous buyer reviews online so you need to showcase them. Some creative ways to do this are to share people who have bought your products or services on your social media page or share screenshots of chats with satisfied customers.  

Your Business Is Not Registered

The number one reason why you need to register your business is for credibility. To register your business with the CAC means the government has done all the due diligence and has verified your business. These days, most businesses have their screenshots of the CAC registration document on their websites and social media pages to prove say “dem no be scam”. If your business is not registered, you can do that for only ₦15,000 and get your certificate in 3 working days thanks to Kippa.


You don’t have a business card

These days, business owners think things like business cards are old school and also expensive to print but for your customers, it shows another layer of trust. If a business has no well-known name or solid reputation, your customers can only judge based on appearance (and what other people say about it). Having nice business cards is one way that you let people know that you are running a real business they can trust. If you think business cards are too expensive to print, you can use one of the nicely designed business cards on Kippa.

Your prices are unstable

If your business is the kind to have #5000 for a product today, and tomorrow it shows #7000. Scam scam scam! No customer wants to buy anything from any business that doesn’t have a stable price range. Even if you have good intentions by trying to entice customers with discounts and sales, you have to do it the right way.

How? Whenever you feel the need to slash prices, you do it right. Announce first that your business has sales coming, highlight the duration of the sales, and other relevant information.

No real pictures on your page

Pictures oh, videos oh! You need real pictures of your products on your page. If you are one of those people with only stock images and images of white people on your Instagram page, you are losing some customers that think you are a scam.

Content creation may not be your number one speciality but you need at least one real picture or video of your product every week on your page. This would reaffirm to your customers that what they order is what they will get.


We know business is hard and we are all learning together so the point of this article isn’t to shame anyone's business strategies or style. It is just a way for us to call your attention to problematic decisions that could be causing your business to lose money and stay stagnant. If you do any of these things, share this article with someone else so they can be delivered from the “Are you a scam page?” question.


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Onyinyechi Nneji

Onyinyechi Nneji