SECURITY UPDATE- Account suspension & probation and how to resolve it.

SECURITY UPDATE- Account suspension & probation and how to resolve it. 

We understand the responsibility that accompanies your decision to trust us with your money. We don't take it for granted. The safety of your account and money will always be a priority for us.

That's why we recently introduced two security updates on your KippaPay app to protect your account from unauthorised access and secure your funds.

In this blog, we explain what these two updates mean and how to resolve them.

1. Account Suspension

We introduced account suspension to automatically restrict your account when you input the wrong access/transaction pin three times. This is to protect your account from being accessed by an unauthorised third party who is trying to steal your funds.

This restriction is a total restriction. This means you will not be able to access your KippaPay account.

How to resolve account suspension

2)Answer security questions and questions about your recent activity
3)When satisfactory answers are received, the suspension will be lifted immediately

2. Account Probation

Account probation is triggered when you reset and confirm your access pin & transaction pin.  Probation lasts for 24 hours.

When your account is under probation, your transaction limit will be restricted to a total of N20,000. You will also be unable to access VAS services ( airtime, cable, betting, educational payments etc.) during this period.

How to resolve account probation

1) Contact
2)Answer security questions and questions about your recent activity
3)Your probation will be lifted immediately.

*Please note that even if you do not contact us, your account probation will automatically be lifted after 24 hours.

How else can you keep your account safe?

  1. Never share your KippaPay PIN or password with anyone
  2. Don't share access to the email address linked to your account
  3. Don't respond to anyone claiming to be a staff of KippaPay outside of our official channels.
  4. Remember that we will never ask you to send money to a private account or share your password/PIN. Keep these details secret & secure.

Our official channels are:


WhatsApp Chat: 08162450093

Twitter: @kippaafrica

Instagram: @kippaafrica

Facebook: Kippa

We are constantly working on new security measures to improve our global standards-compliant security systems. We are committed to keeping your information and funds safe.

If you have any questions about these new security measures, please send us an email at

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere