5 Ways To Save Money To Start Up A Business

Ways To Save Money To Start Up A Business

Have you ever just had this Aha! moment where you think to yourself, “I want to start a business". So you start your research to try to figure out what goes into starting a business and at that moment you realize you need capital, but you can’t afford the amount needed. Then you think again, “How do I save money for my business capital”.

Well, the easiest means to source budgeting funds to start your small business the majority of the time is to use your saving money to commence. But to fund your own business, you have to change your money saving tips and get a better grip on your financial situation for long run. There is no saving strategies secret formula on how to save money for a small business Every month, just practical financial goals & tips. Here are some of the Best ways to save more money to start up a business.


This is the first step to consider when you are ready to start a business, if you owe anyone money or took any loans the best resolution is for you to first pay it back before and start-up saving for your business on a clean slate.  To start saving money and any savings plan, especially for capital you need to be free of any financial burdens whatsoever


Money Management Tips on, You need to have a clear view of your Personal-finance details for for saving; Meaning your spending habits and income per month. From there, you can start organizing your spending plan, Savings strategy and recorded expenses into a budget like where to spend a lot of money, how much money spending, where to spend less money, incoming ...etc. Then you can factor in the previous expenditure and income you have estimated each month, this would allow you to reduce unnecessary expenses so it becomes easier to track what you spend as you aim to stick to your budget.

Simple ways for Budget savings, to start saving up money for a business, you should follow the 80/20 rule(Guide to saving money); 80% of your income goes into all your expenses and upkeep. And save up to 20%(put aside money) should go into your savings, that’s more than enough when it accumulates after a while.

If you feel like 20% is a strain, then aim towards 10-15% of your income.

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Guide to save money, An easy way to discipline yourself to save money is to use an Automate deduction system. Most bank apps in Nigeria already have this functionality, you input the amount you want to be deducted for you at intervals and the money can be saved out of your spending reach.

This helps if it’s a strain for you to take money out of your account to save yourself, it’s no stress when you don’t have to worry about making these deductions. On the bright side, you are always ready when this saving deduction is made, so you get used to it quickly


Tips for saving money, see when you are trying to save Extra money for something big like a business capital, you need to be stingy. Negotiate everything until you feel like you are getting your money’s worth.

Anyways, what I mean is when you are in places where you can request discounts don’t hesitate to ask for one, if you ever feel like an item you are about to purchase seems overpriced ask if there is room for Less money (negotiation). Like this you can save money, every small naira you save counts when you are on the hunt for your business capital


Best ways to save money, do you really need that new necklace or that new phone knowing quite alright your old one works fine? When preparing your budget, you have to keep it at the back of your mind that you need to itemize ways of saving, what is important and what isn’t. I understand it can be tempting to want to spend your salary on a vacation trip or the need to want to use every cable streaming service out there when one is all you need.

Cut expenses a tip for you, Unless it’s rent, food, occasional enjoyment? I guarantee you don’t need to spend that money, just put it in your savings account. Future you would be thankful when you finally have enough Amount of money saved up for your capital

In Conclusion,

Many ways of saving money for your future business. While most people may prefer taking loans to start a business, others prefer a less risky path that avoids debt; which would mean spending your money savings or emergency funds. If the second option seems like you then use the above strategies to make sure the capital for your small business is on the way.

When launching a business, how you spend money beforehand is an indicator of whether or not your business will be successful. Saving tips for when you launch your business, so all your efforts to begin don’t go in vain is to manage all your finances properly.

Speaking of finances, Kippa is an amazing app that has a profit analysis feature that should be your guide to helping you track how much profit you are making and what expenses to be on the lookout for. It's a free money management app for any business.  And lastly, start small, go slow and steady.

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun