Redefining the business style of Computer Village

Redefining the business style of Computer Village

Have you ever heard this notion that if you buy electronics from computer village, they sell just the case and eba or that they always sell fake devices? This shaped my perception of computer village for a long time; in my mind, it was just that fraudulent community where they sold fake devices and scammed people.

However, recently, a few businesses have stood out to change that narrative. Olusesi Technologies is one of them. Established in 2010, this company has grown from selling just mobile phones to supplying mobile phones, laptops, and accessories to individuals and corporate entities.

We had a chat with the founder, Ali Kamal Olusesi; he shared some insight on some of the strategies and business styles that have built credibility for his business amidst the bad notion of computer village. This is how he is redefining the computer village with his business.

Where did the idea to start Olusesi Technologies come from?

Besides the need to make money to make ends meet, I saw an avenue to correct a wrong notion of the public that Computer Village is a place you'd get swindled. Our goal is to give unmatched customer service and give customers premium devices at super competitive prices.

Although I come from a long line of businessmen and women, I already had the experience needed to jump-start the business.


What steps did you take with Olusesi Technologies to correct that notion of Computer Village?

One major strategy we use is social media, and we realized that many other phone and electronics vendors were not leveraging it as a visibility and marketing tool. Honesty is another thing we have leveraged on. We won't sell a used phone at the price of a new one, nor will we sell a used phone at the price of a premium used phone. We've made it our priority to be upfront with our customers.

Our goal is to treat our customers as best as possible, better than the customer service culture we encountered at Computer Village. For example, we made our warranty as fair as possible, and we sometimes go so far as to refund customers because we believe that as a business owner, you must do everything possible to satisfy your customers.

With your current business style, how would you say you have changed the narrative of Computer Village being a place for business swindlers?

A few years ago, people couldn't buy phones without needing to be at the shop; now, we believe with our track record and customer feedback, customers can conveniently order phones worth millions of naira repeatedly without issues. Customers can also ask any question and get instant answers because we know our gadgets.

What are your favourite parts of your business?

The Gbanjo sale has to be one of our favourites. We give up to 50% off selected phones. For example, a device costing N130,000 could be sold for as low as N65,000. We came up with this as a way to sell Nigerian used phones conveniently.

This is our favourite part of the business because we sell well over 100 phones every Thursday, and as a brand, making money is also a priority. The engagement it brings is mind-blowing, knowing that thousands of people are online on Thursdays waiting for our Gbanjo sales. It is overwhelming but in a good way.

Get an Account number for your business
Get an Account number for your business

What's a major issue you face as a business owner?

Unstable exchange rates are a major problem because everything we buy is imported, meaning you could lose money when buying products. It's really crazy. Raising capital is also an issue, especially when taking loans is not an alternative.

What are some of the craziest things that have happened in your business?

This one time, a customer came well dressed and spoke eloquently. He ordered several devices, from iPhones to MacBooks, etc. Everything summed up to about 2.6 million naira, and the customer transferred 2,600 naira. He kept arguing and causing a lot of commotion at the store, and in the end, we found out he was mentally unstable. We sent him to the proper authorities, but that has to be one of the craziest ordeals to happen in a while.

What are some things you wish you knew before starting your business?

Human resource management is number one; when you run a business, you deal with different breeds of people. There are several human beings, and you can't deal with them all the same way. You can't only depend on your instincts. I've taken several courses in human and employee management. It has been a hell of a challenge for me, and I wish I had learned about it before venturing into my own business.

How has Olusesi Technologies evolved over the years?

Olusesi has changed and grown from just providing quality services in the store; we run the business online through social media now. As a result, customers trust us more than ever before, and the business is going well.

On Thursday, May 5th, 2022, we unofficially broke the record for the highest number of smartphones sold in a single day in Computer Village. We would go out on a limb and say in the whole of West Africa. Highlights from the event can be found on our Instagram page.

We serviced a lot of corporate clients and individuals and delivered to locations we didn’t even know existed. We have certainly evolved and will keep evolving as we continue to leverage more tech solutions to ease our customers' shopping experience.

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