What To Consider When Picking An Accounting App

What To Consider When Picking An Accounting App

Building a profitable business without proper accounting is almost impossible. In the past, this task of managing business accounts used to be a tedious task of pen and paper calculations with results that were not very efficient then came the advent of Ms-Excel; another slightly better medium that wasn’t very sustainable and mobilizable.

Ms-Excel pretty much introduced many businesses to bookkeeping calculations with the aid of technology, but I would like to include that the software wasn’t made specifically for that purpose so it didn’t benefit business owners long term.

Then very recently there have been apps made specifically made for bookkeeping and some functionalities required in business management, such as invoicing, transaction reports, cashbook features, debt features, etc.

Overall, this tells you there’s an easy way out to accounting and finance management since this software and apps came to be, but it is worth noting that before using any of them you should consider the following factors to tailor your selection to what would work best for you. They are:


For a small business, this should be the criteria you are on the lookout for in anything you do. Except your business is rich-rich, you are not in the position to spend excessively even on important things like this. Look for free options first before the options that require subscriptions or payment.

You are in luck because Kippa is a free bookkeeping application that charges no money at all. Meaning you can do your business’s accounts without having to worry about excessive costs.


Another factor to consider is the user-friendliness of your choices of accounting software. What does this include;

  • to use easily without any hiccups you need a dashboard listing all the features in the app (this makes it simplified for any novice when it comes to locating each functionality)
  • a cash book feature (Seeing cash in or out of the company over your period of use)
  • Invoices issued by your business
  • A financial reports feature that includes charts giving the financial status of your business

Essentially, your choice of accounting app should have all user activities in one place and should simplify your bookkeeping and accounting. A great way to help you cut down research time with this is to read other customers' reviews online.

Again, look no further, because Kippa is here for you with all these requirements and more. We have made manual accounting and bookkeeping a breeze with the following features available for zero costs. Features of the Kippa app include:

  • Record day-to-day sales, expenses, and credit transactions
  • Send free debt reminders to customers from within Kippa for increased debt recovery
  • Manage customers historical transaction data and judge creditworthiness
  • Manage supplier data and transactions
  • Organize and manage products. Add, list, edit and organize products using a streamlined interface
  • Perform basic inventory management.
  • Download PDF Reports of financial transactions
  • Manage multiple shops within one app
  • Send free debt payment reminders to customers
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Customer Support

This factor is also crucial: Why? The reason is, it can be difficult to use something new. Commonly, humans are not the most adaptable to change, it would take time and some getting used to accustom yourself to this new advancement for your business especially if you moved from manual accounting (pen and paper) to accounting software or app.

For whatever option you choose, a pro is to ascertain if the level of customer support is great, easily accessible, and friendly, it’s a new app, nobody becomes an expert overnight. It would take some getting used to.

At Kippa, we have an A-plus customer support team and a chatbot that is there for you 24/7 to help your smooth transition into the app.

Cloud-Based Application

A pro feature that any accounting app should have is a steady and strong online platform; for an accounting app, you should be able to access your information at any time and anywhere. Come on, it's the 21st century, I should be able to access and keep in touch with my business’ financial data on the go and email invoices to the clients from wherever they are, it’s the age of working from home. This helps communication between you, your employees, and customers.

Kippa allows you to activate and view your data via multiple devices linked to one account only, isn’t that amazing?!

Data security

I mean what is the point of an accounting app if you can’t back up your data to the cloud securely? You shouldn’t require external storage to keep and protect your data. It is harder to use external storage that could be damaged due to a physical hazard, you need a type of storage that would not constantly leave you in a state of worry. You shouldn’t have to worry if your recorded data is safe or not; you should invest in any of your choice of accounting that has this feature.

At Kippa, we store your information on the cloud which is only accessible to you. Even Kippa would have no reach to your information not to talk of external persons having access to it. All your data is safe and secure on our app.


The main takeaway is that if you are looking for accounting software, you should give Kippa a try because the app has all the functionalities you need in any accounting software or application. It costs no money and helps relieve that time spent on manual accounting/ bookkeeping which in return helps your time management. As a small business, you require valuable resources that cost almost nothing to help you.

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun