Kippa welcomes Nelly Agbogu, Naija brand Chick as the new Brand Ambassador.

Nelly Agbogu

Abuja - Kippa is delighted to announce that SME influencer, Nelly Agbogu is joining Kippa’s mission to empower SMEs with simple digital tools as Brand Ambassador.

Nelly Agbogu will feature in a new integrated campaign for Kippa which combines live Instagram sessions, sponsored spots to digital Marketing training sessions, as well as organic social media campaigns.

Kippa is a 100% free accounting software that empowers SMEs to keep track of their Line of work income, expenditure, and customers from their mobile phones. We are empowering SMEs owners in the informal sector and in Nigeria’s rapidly growing digital SME space with digital tools that make doing Line of work easier and Nelly Agbogu, already influential in this space, is the ideal entrepreneur to help communicate this.

Nelly Agbogu also known as the Naija brand chick, Her passion for healthy baked foods led her to build a thriving brand and business. Nelly Agbogu Says “My biggest challenge birthed my business journey.”

Nelly Agbogu started her entrepreneurial journey as an employee of a multinational oil servicing firm and Nelly Agbogu built her side hustle into a full-time business that has been named one of the fast-growing health food brands in Nigeria.

About Kippa

Kippa is on a mission to help Africa’s biggest and under-recognized economic group adopt simple digital tools, improve profits and transform their Line of work impact. Our 100% free mobile accounting software empowers SME owners to maintain cloud-backed business records on their mobile phones, create and send invoices, receipts, download reports, and collect debts 3 times faster with automated WhatsApp and SMS reminders. Since launching in May 2021, Kippa now supports more than 2,80,000 business owners to manage their business records, digitally and efficiently.