Tripletbrotherscommunication - (Pen and Paper) +Kippa = Growth

Tripletbrotherscommunication + Kippa

Gone are the days of hefty ledger books and pens, we are in a digital age where anything you can do in a mundane setting can be made easier with the aid of the internet.

We had a chat with Isah Hussein Arinola, a phone, and electronics dealer from Kogi, and he gave us some insight into his decision to port from a notebook and pen to the Kippa app

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Isah Hussein Arinola, I am a phone and electronics dealer. My store is called Tripletbrotherscommunication.

How is business going so far?

We thank God. In my business this year, there have been challenges and I overcame them. I had to figure out how to source finances and figure out a way to record my finances as well. It hasn’t been easy but, I’m here.

What is your role in your company?

I work as the manager; my first responsibility is to make the rules that the staff should follow and supervise them. I manage the overall well-being of the business.

I am basically the problem solver of the company, whenever we face any challenges, I am there to think of a way to solve that problem.

How did you find Kippa?

I first became aware of Kippa through Facebook, I saw an advert about Kippa and I did my research. Then I realized it was just what I needed.

I really liked it because it was a way for me to reach my debtors really easily.

How has Kippa helped you in managing your finances?

Kippa helps me monitor the assets and liabilities in my business. Because when I record my daily expenses I have a clear view of how my business is doing, the situation of my accounts previously, and where I’m headed. Am I progressing or not? All those questions are what Kippa answers for me, which makes managing my business easier.

How has the experience been like for you with the Kippa app?

It is an app I genuinely like, I can easily reach my debtors with no problem at all. It’s also a way for my business to keep records of our customers, it makes it easy to reach them to make them patronize us again.

Before Kippa what did you use?

I used a notebook before I started using Kippa and it wasn’t easy. The notebooks I used got lost a few times, there were problems like issues with calculations as well. But with Kippa I can go as far as printing my records whenever I want because it’s secure. And so far, I think it’s the best thing for me, it relieves my workload a lot.

Have you told anyone about Kippa?

Yes, plenty of people! I have told my customers, other work colleagues, and my friends. I told them about how it has been useful for me and some of them took my advice and use it now.

What is your favorite feature in the app?

The record is a transaction part of the app. I believe that if a business doesn’t keep records, that marks the beginning of its failure. With  Kippa, I can record my business finances accurately.

The other feature I like is the inventory feature, it lets me keep my stock with their prices alongside.

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What money lessons have you learned so far with Kippa?

I have learned how to track debts. All the money people owe me, I have learned how to collect my money quicker and better than I used to before.

Final question, what advice would you give a business newbie?

Before you start any business in Nigeria, you have to know what that business venture should entail, that’s my first piece of advice.

The next tip I will give you is how to source funds to start your business; it’s better to use your savings or solicit funds from family and friends that are willing to help you. Never take loans to start your own business, it’s too expensive to pay back.

Show them some love and patronize them,

Location: Kogi state, Yagba East, Ejuku

Address: No 25 Opposite Upper area court Ejuku

Facebook: Tripletbrotherscommunication centre

They deliver worldwide.

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