How Kippa keeps all your business data safe

How Kippa keeps all your business data safe

There's a common misconception that many mobile applications keep your data and sell them to third parties that could likely harm you. And that paranoia is valid; in some of these apps, you store financial information, so even we would feel insecure.

As a business owner and Kippa user, if only relevant that you ask us these series questions:

  • Is my financial data safe from fruadsters and internet phishing?
  • Where does Kippa keep my data?
  • Do you share my data with third parties?
  • Can you see my records and transactions in my Kippa app?
  • Is my money safe? And so many other security questions.

So how does Kippa keep your data safe?

We have a top Grade Security and Encryption.

Your data is secure and safe in a cloud-based security system, and we don't have access to your personal information; it's all protected by your password—no third-party intrusion.

In simple terms, this means Kippa provides its users with the best app cyber security system that encrypts their money information safely. We cannot access your money information at all, and we can't even help you retrieve your password because to use it all appears as codes that almost don't make sense to the average person. So unless you recover your password by yourself, we cant access your information in any way whatsoever, so we protect you even from us!

As I said before, the Kippa engineers don't have access to your business information, your business worth, profit, and even your password, so when an unauthorized person tries hacking into your data, the probability that they will fail is 99%.

Kippa is 100% safe and secure; your data is backup in the cloud and can never be lost; we protect you from cyberattacks.

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun