We Built The Kippa Staff Management Feature For You

Staff Management on Kippa

At Kippa, our promise is simple- we want to provide everything your business needs to start, run and grow easily. This commitment has driven the creation of our range of features and products. From Start to help you register your business to KippaPay, built to enable your business to accept card payments and provide financial services in your neighbourhood. This same thought is reflected in all the functionalities on the Kippa app with invoices, bookkeeping, inventory and money built to help you run your business without stress.

The best part is how integral you have been to the process of building all these amazing features and products. The unique challenges you face and the experiences you share as a business owner has driven our design and execution of new products. It is heartwarming to see a conversation with you transform into a product that takes makes it easier to run your business.

This same commitment drove the introduction of the Staff Management Feature, a new feature that allows you to protect your sensitive business information by controlling what your staff can see and do on the Kippa App for a monthly subscription of N2500.

In this article, we take you through the process of creating this feature, its benefits and how it works.

Why We Built The Staff Management Feature

We built the Staff Management Feature in response to businesses like yours that are expanding rapidly. This expansion means you have to improve your processes from managing all the information and transactions of your business alone to now trusting your staff with more responsibility and information.  

But the access you grant your staff comes with a lot of concern and you are worried for good reason. Granting your staff access to sensitive business information like profit, inventory, invoices and cash comes with great risk.

There is a chance that some staff can take advantage of this access to steal or defraud your business. Staff can alter figures, change descriptions and manipulate numbers. The effect on your business can be devastating. If left unchecked can lead to the death of the business.

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of all employees have stolen at least once from their employer. Half of those steal repeatedly. One-third of all business failures can be attributed to employee theft”

You asked for a way to run your business with your staff while having the ability to restrict their access to sensitive business information. So we built the Staff Management Feature!

How the Staff Management Feature Protects You

For a monthly subscription of N2,500, the  Staff Management Feature allows business owners like you to choose what sensitive business information their staff can access. Based on trust or their role in the business, particular staff can be given permission to add, view or edit specific business information like profit, inventory, invoices or money. You no longer have to guess who has access to what information or be worried about information getting into the wrong hands. With the Staff Management feature, the power to control what your staff can see or do is in your hands!

You can add all your staff to your Kippa app with unlimited logins, choose what information they can access and restrict their access from anywhere, anytime.

Let’s break it down-

Restrict staff access to sensitive business information

With the Staff Management Feature, you can choose what information your staff can access in minutes. Whether it’s profit, inventory or cash, only you can decide who gets to see, add or edit sensitive business information.

Create unlimited staff logins for your business

The days of managing multiple Whatsapp groups for your staff or constantly calling to approve transactions are over. Now you can run your business without stress by granting all your staff access to your Kippa App. No matter how many staff you have, you can get all of them on your Kippa App.

Give staff access based on their role

Your sensitive business information should not just be given to anybody. That’s why Staff Management lets you determine what your staff can see or do based on their role in your business. For instance, your manager can be given permission to edit invoices & inventory while your sales attendants can be given permission to only add invoices. Your business, your choice!

How the Staff Management Feature works

  • Open your Kippa app and select “More” to display the Staff Management Feature.
  • Pay the monthly subscription fee of N2,5000 to access the Staff Management Feature
  • Add existing staff or register new staff
  • Set access codes and confirm access codes
  • Select what features your staff can view/add/edit  
  • Review the permissions set and save  
  • Save all changes made and you’re set!!
  • Get Started!

Expanding your business, hiring more staff and trusting them with responsibility can come with a lot of fear. The Staff Management Feature puts your mind at ease by helping you control who can access your sensitive business information and when they can.  

Thoughts of expanding your business no longer have to come with fear. Get all your staff on the same Kippa app, give access to sensitive information based on their roles and restrict that access at any time with the Staff Management Feature.

Ready to get started? Update your Kippa App now and get started with the Staff Management Feature.

Onyinyechi Nneji

Onyinyechi Nneji