Kippa launches an Improved version of the Invoice feature

Kippa launches an Improved version of the Invoice feature

On May 16th, 2022, Nigeria's Kippa launched a new version of Invoices with 3 major updates:

  • Users can now add their business logos, signatures and terms & conditions to their invoices
  • Users can now sync invoices with their cashbooks and debt entries.
  • Users can edit all invoice fields and add additional charges that cover costs outside of the product or service rendered.

The Invoice feature is one of Kippa's core features that enables small business owners to generate unlimited Invoices for free and track invoice payments.

The new Kippa invoices focus on improvements to the structure and technology within the product and improvements to the design and aesthetics of invoices created on the app.

Improvements to technology include the ability to sync the invoices to every other part of the product, like the cashbook and debt recovery, giving a 360 view of the business at all times.

Users specifically requested the addition of logos and signatures to be more credible. In addition, including terms and conditions in this new feature allows users to communicate unique information about their business that may not be captured in the invoice structure.

Other updates include businesses getting an option to record part payment/mode of payment and having editing flexibility so that business owners can always edit invoices instead of generating new ones when there is an error.

The feature, which is a top feature for 29.59% of Kippa users, has reported positive feedback from beta testers, with one user saying, "I like the fact that I can include fees and choose dates whenever I'm ready to input sales" and another saying, "it has made invoices and

easy for my business, I love the new updates they made to ensure a user-friendly experience."

"While building the new Invoice experience on the Kippa app, we have kept the needs of small businesses at the core. We have introduced new elements like shipping charges, T&C's, free flow signature etc for the Invoice to be customisable as per the needs of these businesses. We have improved the design to make it more intuitive and incremental, creating a seamless user experience where they can create and share invoices without any hassle," says Kippa's Associate director of product, Maneesha Negi."

Kippa is not compromising on the simplicity and professional look that many of its 400,000+ users love. Praise Fabilola, Kippa's product design lead, said, "A lot of thought went into the user interface re-design to make it intuitive for our customers. This involved grouping elements with the same context and removing redundancies so our customers wouldn't have to think too much about creating an invoice. We also added more theming options so that our customers can reflect their branding, to some extent, on their invoices."

Kippa is a simple app where small business owners can register their business faster, keep track of their daily income and expense transactions, create invoices and receipts, make and manage business payments, manage inventory, recover debts, and generally monitor how their businesses evolve and flow over time.

Onyinyechi Nneji

Onyinyechi Nneji