How To Send Invoices With The Kippa App

Today, we will be walking you through everything you need to know about using the Invoicing feature on your Kippa App and how you can keep track of all your sales and customers' information with Kippa.

But before we begin, you should know what an invoice is; An invoice is a time-stamped commercial document containing a record of a transaction between a buyer and seller; it usually provides information on the available payment methods.

If you are reading this, you know how important an Invoicing software is in helping you get paid by customers quickly.

How to create invoices on Kippa in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Download and Open Your Kippa App

Whether you've got the app or need to download it from your Google Playstore or iOS App Store, the first step is to download and open the App. If you've already got the app, let's get to step 2.

Step 2: Click on invoices

The Kippa app has business tools you can use to grow your business, ranging from a paperless cashbook to record expenses to an inventory management feature to manage your product stock.  To get an invoice, click the third option on the bar below your phone screen labeled "INVOICES".

Step 3- Enter your customer's information

Type in your customer's name and phone number or just pull the contact right from the directory. Easy right? Let's go to step 4

Step 4- Add product purchased

What did they buy? Type it out and include the price and quantity.

Step 5- Tell us more, add other the details

It gets interesting here because you can add the basic stuff like discounts and VAT but even better you can add the "Due Date", select "Auto Reminder" and we would remind your customer on your behalf to pay the fee on your invoice. The Kippa Invoice generator is really easy and very functional.

Step 6-Download and share with your customers!

You could download your invoice and print it to give your customers a physical copy or send invoices to your customers through emails, SMS and Whatsapp.

If you aren't convinced already, here are more reasons to use the invoice generator on Kippa.

It keeps your client history and database- One place for all customer information

Create Professional and automated invoices- Create invoices that include discounts, tax and more. Then, share with your customers, download and print your invoices For FREE!

Mobility- Track your business's finances on the go from your iOS or Android phone, using our free mobile App.

Instant Notifications and reminders- Manage your cash flow better with notifications and updates. Set up invoice reminders to automatically email your customers when payment is due.

What is your favourite feature on the Kippa app? What features would you like us to break down? Drop a comment and we would get on it!

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun