How To Manage Your Inventory With The Kippa App

How To Manage Your Inventory With The Kippa App 

Today, we will be explaining everything you need to know about using the Inventory Management Feature on your Kippa App and how you can keep track of all your products with Kippa.
But then, What is Inventory Management and why should you care about managing it?

What Is Inventory Management?

The term inventory refers to the raw materials used in production as well as the goods produced that are available for sale. Your business Catalogue represents the most important assets you have because the turnover of inventory represents one of the primary sources of revenue and subsequent earnings for the company's shareholders.

Types of Inventory Management?

There are three types of inventory, including raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. It is categorized as a current asset on a company's balance sheet.

Just like you, I had a hard time grasping that as well so here is a breakdown, Inventory aka stock are the goods and other materials your business holds onto for the purpose of resale, production, or utilization; so every time you spend money on stock up on items that you can sell, you convert that cash into an asset known as your inventory.

To properly assess the state of your business, it is important your accounts show the value of your inventory.

Using the Kippa Inventory Management Software Feature is a super-easy way to value your Catalogue! These 6 steps are everything you need to know to use this Property! Using the Kippa Inventory Feature is a super-easy way to value your inventory! These 6 steps are everything you need to know to use this feature!

Steps in The Inventory Management Process

Step 1: Download and Open Your Kippa App

Whether you’ve got the app or need to download it from your Google Playstore or iOS App Store, the first step is to download and open the app.

Step 2: Click on Inventory

Our App has features that are amazing for your business. You can record your expenses and income with the Cashbook Feature, create and send professional invoices with the Invoice Feature, and manage your Catalogue using the Advanced Management system property. Manage your Catalogue by clicking the second icon on the bottom of the App.

Step 3: Add your first product

Our Management feature helps you manage your products and get updates when you are running out of stock but to do that, you need to add a list of your products.

Step 4: Tell us more about the product

A little more information would help you distinguish one product from the other. Add an image and put a name to the face by adding the product name. Include the cost price and selling price of the product so we can help you calculate profit easily. So we can

notify you when you run out of stock, we need to know the quantity you have in stock.

Step 5: Who is your supplier?

Imagine running out of stock of a best seller when Kippa could have sent a message to your supplier a week before you run out? Tell us who your supplier is and we would send them a message when your stock is going low.

Step 6: Delete an item from your store

Did you stop stocking a particular product because of a difficult supplier or do your customers just don’t like it? You can delete it from your inventory easily. Just click the delete icon and select the item you want to delete easily.


Our users love this Inventory Management feature. It’s a sure bet to stay on top of your products and never run out of stock of items that your customers love.

What is your favourite feature on the Our app?

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Onyinyechi Nneji

Onyinyechi Nneji