Inside the Life of Kippa's Five-Star Employee- Chibuike Ekweribe

Inside the life of Kippa's five star employee - Chibuike Ekweribe 

One of the ways, we promote collaboration and teamwork at Kippa is through our Kudos channel where we give kudos (literally) to teammates who go over and above to deliver on tasks, provide support and are all round great vibes. It's a great feeling to see a notification from a teammate commending your work or attitude in the middle of a workday.  

Sometimes, you look up and the notification is for another teammate but it still makes you smile because you agree with the energy and resourcefulness they bring. That's why today I am talking to Chibuike aka "Best in Kudos"  recognised a record 14+ times by his colleagues across teams.

Best in Kudos For Real!! 

Q- Can we meet Chibuike, the man behind the Kudos?

A- (Laughs) There is no one behind the Kudos. My name is Chibuike Ekweribe. I am the Configuration & Support Officer at Kippa.

Q- What does your role involve?

A-  One of our core products is helping merchants collect payments and provide financial services with POS Terminals. I manage the handling of our POS terminals for merchants. My role is to get these terminals ready for the market and to support customers ensuring that they enjoy our product. I also provide second-level support for customers. This means when issues have passed through our customer success team and require technical support, it comes to my desk.

Q- What is your Kippa story, how did you end up in this role?

A- My Kippa story is a very interesting one. I love to view it as the biggest career risk I have ever taken. It was the first time I was reached out to on LinkedIn for a job and not something I applied for. I was sceptical because it was a startup and an unknown quantity. I was to resume on a Monday but on Friday, I hadn't resigned from my former job because I wasn't sure. But overall, it's been a wonderful journey for me.

Q-How long have you been at Kippa?

A- Exactly a year!

Q- Congratulations, send funds!!

Q- What has been your proudest moment as a Kipper?

A- When I joined, our agent base was less than 20, but now we are counting thousands. That's remarkable!

Q- What do you do to relax

A- There is no peace for the wicked!  Why would you relax if you have not made money?

Q- What would you like to say to your colleagues who gave you the most Kudos?

A- They are the reason. They are the major motivation for coming to work. Without their support, I can't do anything at all

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere