How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Twitter’s New Updates

Things at Twitter HQ have been super busy lately with the release of new features and updates every other month.


Twitter is not just another social media platform. For millions of businesses, it is a great way to connect with customers and make sales. (Think back to when Twitter was shut down in Nigeria for seven months. It was reported that the shutdown cost an estimated N10.72trillion ($26.1billion))

In this article, we explain how you can use the new features and updates on Twitter to your advantage.

Multimedia Tweets

With Twitter’s latest update, you can now share videos, images and GIFs in the same tweet! Also, if you swipe on a video in your Twitter feed, you will see related video content (Hello TikTok👀)

This means it's time to invest in creating more video content for your business. Take videos of people modelling your product, record delivery videos, office tours, unboxing content, testimonials e.t.c

Twitter Circle

Launched back in August, Twitter Circle works just like the Close Friends feature on Instagram. With Twitter Circle, you can choose to share your tweets with a small group of pre-selected followers. All replies to circle tweets will be private and you can add up to 150 people to a circle.

What does this mean for your business? You can take advantage of this feature to offer exclusive deals and discounts to customers. People love exclusivity and inside gist!

Twitter Spaces

While Twitter Spaces is not new, it makes the list because it is not used enough by businesses.

Twitter Spaces allows you to interact with your audience using live audio conversations. It’s like a podcast but without the need for a studio or professional equipment.

The possibilities with Twitter Spaces are endless. You can host fun conversations that are related to your brand.

Furniture company? You can host a space about finding your first apartment in Lagos.
Sports clothing brand? You can highlight your connection to sports by hosting a space about Premier League results.

You can also host weekend giveaways where your audience joins your space to answer trivia questions or a Q&A session to answer questions about your products or services.

The best part is that your spaces can be recorded and the recording will be available for people to listen to over the next 30 days.

Heads Up

While it has not yet been released yet, Twitter is testing a new Co Tweet feature. This feature allows users to co-author tweets together. This means your business can co-tweet with another business or an influencer. The co-tweet will show both handles and will be visible to the followers of both handles.

This is great news for you if you work with influencers or other brands. It will allow you to reach bigger audiences.

There you go! It’s time to stop using Twitter passively and take advantage of all its amazing features.

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere