How to use your Phone to Take Product Photos That will drive sales

how to take product photos with phone

Running a small business is hard work and running a product-based small business is even harder. At the earliest stages, you double as the accountant with Kippa, customer care rep, sales rep, shipping manager, and content creator. If one of your business goals is to improve sales by driving people to purchase products online (let’s be fair, it’s everyone’s goal), then having good pictures of your products is a necessity.

If you don’t have thousands to pay for Professional Product Photography, you may never be able to get sales like all the popping Instagram pages or websites, right? Wrong. In this article, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to take beautiful product photography with a Smartphone camera, some natural light, and good with a phone Photo editing Software.

Product photography directly impacts sales

Fun Fact, online shopping is growing bigger every day and there are 2.14 Billion Online Shoppers Worldwide; an even more interesting fact is that 90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale. So the question isn’t why you should care about product photography, it’s why you are hindering your business by not taking product photography seriously.

2. Product Photography separates legit businesses from scam pages

It’s the era of social media fraud and online scams. Pictures may be what differentiates your credible business from a “scam page”. Written product descriptions give the details about your product but nothing tells customers what to expect more than a clear, well-styled picture. They can see the color, pattern, style, shape, and quality of the product at a glance.

How to use your smartphone to take great photos of your products

Most online businesses take pictures of their products, but they do not generate sales. You'll need a few things, how to take product photos with phone That will drive sales before we move on to tips and steps.

How to use your smartphone to take great photos of your products
What you need to take good pictures of your products
  • Your Mobile Phone: Phones aren’t cheap but Investing in a good smartphone will change your phone product photography game. Any smartphone with a decent camera & Easy-to-use Photo editor will do, but you should look for a model with a 12-megapixel camera or greater.
  • A Mini Tripod: Mini tripods are great not just for standardizing photo angles and style but also for taking cool videos and reels. Prices of mini tripods vary but typically start at about #5,000 - #10,000 NGN.
  • The Backdrop: It’s important that your product images look clean and tidy. The easiest way to achieve this is to get a background with an Image-editing application. If you are looking to achieve variety with your product photographs, explore getting backgrounds in different colors. This would also help make your Kippa Inventory look a lot neater.

5 Product Photography Tips to take photos that sell

  1. Natural Light Works Just Fine.

If you’ve ever watched a photographer shoot a product, you would definitely have noticed the lights and maybe even asked how much they cost (inside information, they cost a lot). Unless you are trying to build a career in photography, natural light works just fine.

Take a trip outside or stay inside and use the light by the window. An important tip to not is, when using natural light, avoid direct sunlight, overlays, red eye,  and find a place where the light is softer and leaves fewer harsh shadows.

2. Style your set

You may not be a professional photographer but having a mood board is a great way to prepare for styling a set. The clearer you are in curating the look and feel you would like for a shoot, the smoother the shoot will go. A good place to start building your mood board is on Pinterest.

If you are going for a neat and clean look, you might opt for a plain backdrop made from adobe photoshop. These work great for shots to be used for your website, storefronts, or your Kippa inventory. However, if you are taking shots for social media and other digital platforms, invest in styling the set and Professional photo editing software options available. Some flowers, a stylish mat, and props relevant to your business can make all the difference.

3. Set Up Your Smart Phone Camera

Having a good camera & the Best photo editing tools recommended is just one step, setting it up perfectly is the real task. Don’t get scared, this set-up would take you about 3 minutes or less.

Set up your camera with these easy steps:

  • Clean the camera: To clean your phone’s camera lens, fold a microfiber or lens cloth and use the soft, tiny cloth to wipe off dust or sand, and brush unwanted fingerprints.
    Microfiber cloths are similar to what you use to clean your glasses. Do not use tissue paper or your clothes to clean your camera lens.
  • Turn flash off and turn on HDR mode: How you do this depends on what phone you are using but it should be straightforward.
  • Zoom Out! It’s Important: Product details are important, we get that but the smartphone’s zoom option does not work the way DSLR cameras’ do. It merely crops the picture which does not look so great. Achieve the result by going super close to the product instead.
  • Hold Steady: It’s time to use the mini tripod you invested in. Follow the directions from the manufacturer and you’ll be good. If you cannot afford one now, it’s still OK. Just make sure you hold still when taking the pictures, especially since you’re snapping with HDR mode turned on.
  • Take multiple photos: Let’s face it, you are a business owner, not a photographer. Taking several pictures of each product gives your customers a chance to see the product from different angles but also gives you more options to pick from. It’s a win-win. Think of how you buy products, whether online or in the market. Especially in the market. You handle the product, turn it around, and look at all the corners before you buy right? Now give your customers the chance to do the same with multiple pictures of your products.
  • Edit your Photos by Balancing Photo Effects such as Decent Blur Effect, Cropping Image sizes, Collages if required, Saturation Maintainance, retouching, blemishes, Textures, Color splash, intuitive & much more effects with free Online photo editor apps like Pixlr, Fotor, Adobe photoshop express & Other Image editor options available.

4. Edit your product pictures

Edit your product pictures
Photo Editing Apps for Product Photography

If you have followed the steps above, you will not have much to edit. However, you might need to touch the picture a little bit. A warning though does not be tempted to over-edit your product photo!

  • Before you start, download a free photo editing app from your App store. Two of the popular options are Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom. Snapseed is completely free, and you can use the basic features of Adobe Lightroom for free. When the app is downloaded and installed, open it and choose the photo you want to edit.
  • Use the app to make ONLY a few basic edits. You can tweak things like brightness, contrast, sharpness, highlights/shadows, and white balance. Do not overdo it, and avoid the temptation to use special effects, filters, or borders.
  • Save as a preset. After you edit your first photo, save the settings as a preset so you can apply the same adjustments to other product pictures. If you use Snapseed, it automatically saves your last edit settings, and you can simply tap on ‘Last edits’ when you want to edit a new picture.

At first, taking quality photos on your smartphone may seem hard, but you'll soon become an expert. If you keep at it, chances are you might even consider adding photography as one of your new businesses.

In addition to these tactics, do you have any tips or apps that you use for product photography? Share them in the comments below.

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