How To Use The Kippa Debt Feature

Are you tired of bad debts and late payments from your customers? Imagine how we feel when your business doesn’t get paid on time, knowing we have a debt reminder to help you.

We will be showing you how to get your money back from debtors by sending professional debt reminders with the Kippa App.

But before we begin, you should know what debt reminders on Kippa mean; it is a professional massage Kippa sends to customers on behalf of business owners to notify them of pending payments.

Follow these 6 steps to learn how to send professional debt reminders and leave the rest to Kippa to work their magic!

Step 1: Download and Open Your Kippa App

Whether you've got the app or need to download it from your Google Playstore or iOS App Store, the first step is to download and open the App. If you've already got the app, let's get to step 2.

Step 2: Click on More

Locate the more button at the bottom of your screen in the Kippa app to find other features we have to help you grow your business faster.

Step 3: Click on Debts

Locate Debts on the second tab. The Kippa app has business tools you can use to grow your business, ranging from a paperless cash book to a debt reminder to help you get paid 3X faster to a reports feature to let you ascertain your business’s health and more.

Step 4- Enter your Debtor's I.D.

We need more information about the customer you want to reach out to. Add your debtor's image, full name and phone number or just upload their contact from your phone.

Step 5- Enter Purchase Details

What did they buy? Type it out and include how much they paid and their quantity. Record their purchase, the deposit, the balance and when they were supposed to pay.

Step 6- Send your debt reminder.

So imagine your customer does not pay on time; you can send them a reminder. First, click “remind” on the customer’s ID. Then proceed to send the debt reminder message via Whatsapp or SMS.

When your customer clicks the link, they see your invoice showing them what they bought and how much they owe you.

You still aren't convinced? Here are more reasons to use the Debt reminder on Kippa.

  • You get to send professional reminders- Even if a customer owes your business, you still have to be respectful and professional when you ask them to pay back. With Kippa, you can send formal debt reminders to make you look good and understanding.
  • It is very mobile- Send a debt reminder to any customer anywhere in the world with your mobile phone
  • It keeps your client history and database- One place for all debtor's information Your debts
  • Get reminders to be on track with your business debts
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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun