Horrible Bosses: Being a good boss in your small business

Horrible Bosses: Being a good boss in your small business

If you have been online in the last 2 days, you would have seen the chaos in the tech startup ecosystem relating to toxic bosses and managers.  In many work settings, managers only care about their profits and overlook employees' challenges.

Who are the toxic ogas in small businesses?

As a business owner with employees, you become a horrible boss when some or all of your staff are afraid of you, describe you as wicked, and cannot make suggestions in your business. If you find that your staff is demotivated, it would be because you subject them to bullying, harassment, verbal or physical abuse.

As a business owner,  your business is very important and you need to make sure your employees treat your business with high regard, but that should not be done with insults, physical abuse, or unfair treatment.

Here are some quick tips for maintaining a balance between being disciplined in your business and being a tyrant that all your staff fear.


Respect boundaries

You told your staff, they would close at 7 pm, so why are you expecting them to respond to Instagram at 2 am? Please don't call them outside of work times; don't expect them to still respond to customer requests at 4 am; they need to rest too. Likewise, don't send your staff messages on WhatsApp at odd times outside of work hours and still expect that they respond.
All we will tell you is to resist the urge to be wicked respect yourself always.

Be empathetic

If your workers are constantly doing more than you engaged them to do, reward them, small 1k here and there would go a long way to appreciating them.

Your staff also cannot work 365 days in a year; it's only fair that they get some days off, and you should have enough empathy to understand they are human.

We are not saying you should let your employees get away with anything they want, but being a good leader is a combination of being disciplined and empathetic.

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Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.

Pay your workers on time, please. That's what they use to sustain themselves. Of course, there would be times when business would be slow, and your profit would be less; keep in mind that it's not your employees' fault, as these things are bound to happen.

Drop your shoulder pads

In an ideal workspace, communication should flow easily; if, for example, a topic is out of the discussion, let them know the reason it is. And it should not be because you said so. Let your employees feel involved, talk to them, and be upfront with them; it's fine if you can't do what they want sometimes, but let them know you're willing to consider their thoughts and opinions.


If you can't handle the pressure that comes with leadership, don't bother because who are you to come and stress somebody's children.

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun