How To Run A Giveaway To Drive Sales Online

How To Run A Giveaway To Drive Sales Online

It’s a known fact that people love free things they find valuable, especially from a business they love. Giveaways are a proven promotional tactic to create buzz; It intrigues your audience and gives them something exciting to look forward to.
They’re effective in generating leads, creating awareness for your business, increasing your online presence, giving you a competitive edge, and so on. However, only very few giveaways end up driving long-term sales to a business.

You can increase your bottom line by leveraging your existing online presence to run a sales-driven giveaway. If you’re curious about how this works, this article is for you!


Set clear goals:

The first step is to determine the goals and objectives of your giveaway. This is simply what you hope to achieve from the giveaway. For instance, if your giveaway goals are to boost sales, increase your social media following, retain existing customers and attract new ones. Then your KPIs would look like this:

  • 200 orders post-giveaway
  • 30% followers increase on social media platforms
  • 100% retain rate
  • 20% increase in client base

Make the prize enticing:

Offer a valuable prize that your audience won’t be able to resist, a prize that would surely make them participate in the giveaway.

As a business owner, you should know the needs and wants of your existing and potential customers. You know what they would like - a prize item you can offer that would not only make them participate but would also make them stick around afterwards. Most importantly, it would be best to make sure what you’re offering is economically viable and won’t hurt your business.

Map out your promotional strategy:

Now that you have decided what your giveaway item or items would be, you need to plan how you intend to promote it on your various social media platforms. It would help if you had promotional teasers you would share periodically with your audience. Here are some ways to go about it:

  • Share an announcement post to stimulate your audience’s interest.
  • Share a post each day leading up to the giveaway to nudge your followers to participate in your giveaway and keep them glued to your page.
  • Ensure the posts are fun and creative. They can be in any format, such as pictures, infographics, videos etc.
  • You can run ads for your upcoming giveaway to reach a wider audience.

Launch the giveaway:

Once you have officially launched the giveaway across your several digital platforms, you need to keep the noise alive and consistently promote the giveaway. Include the giveaway timeframe, so your audience knows they need to take advantage of it and participate instantly.

Bearing in mind the goal of the giveaway is to drive sales, you need to ensure the giveaway reaches more people outside your existing audience. The way to go about this is to make the giveaway shareable. Make it a selection criterion for participants to re-share the giveaway on their pages. By doing this, you’re increasing your brand’s popularity and client base.

Once the giveaway is over, spotlight the winners publicly on your platforms and share an appreciation post to non-winners encouraging them to stick around for future giveaways.

Track your performance:

The moment your giveaway ends, you need to determine how successful it was. Remember the giveaway goal? Now, measure the giveaway’s performance using your KPIs.
To conclude, your audience should find your giveaway fun and exciting enough to participate. However, don’t make the rules so rigid that participating becomes a chore.

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun