6 Free Tools Every Small Business Needs in 2022

Free Tools Every Small Business Needs in 2022

In running a business, getting the best business & Marketing automation tools at your disposal and utilizing them could be the fine line between your business growing and remaining the same. Therefore, understanding these tools is the key to your business's success.

As we all gear up for a new year, you need to understand how to use tools for communication, Marketing Campaign, finance, project management, and even design in your business.

We’ve put together a list covering each aspect of small business management that you should understand and at least one Easy-to-use free app or tool that can help you finesse this game and reduce the amount of time spent on research. They are:

Finance and Accounting

In business, financial management is important, because it determines the health of your business, your growth, Conversions, Roi, and your performance over a streamline period of time.

For your business to grow, you should understand how to measure if its health and performance are tallied with your goals. A way to do that is to measure these 6 finance metrics, with which you track sales, expenses, debts, cash flow, etc.

An easy way to do this is to use a good financial tool,

Free Tool:

Kippa - Finance Management App

Currently, the online mobile version of the app Optimizes both small businesses and medium-scale businesses. Some of the resources the app provides are:

  • A data recording feature that lets business owners keep track of their everyday sales, expenses, and credit transactions.
  • Keep track of your debts with a sweet feature that sends reminders to you within the app.
  • Save your time with a simple dashboard
  • It manages all your transaction data and information.
  • Keeps tabs on the details of your inventory
  • Organize and manage your shop within the app

With this, you can measure the health and performance of your business from the comfort of a phone without needing to use a pen and paper to keep track.

Social Media Management

Managing several Social Media Tools like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get online customers all at once is hard. If you cannot afford a social media manager to Improve your social media presence, you should use an automated social media management tool & its integrations.

Free Tool:

  • Buffer- This is a free Marketing tool that allows users to connect multiple social media accounts and schedule posts across all of your Niche social media platforms in one place. It lets you schedule your posts in advance across all social media platforms.

Tips to help you with social media marketing; Learn Product photography.

Package your products better, be creative about how you want the product you are selling to look to your customers; Because packaging goes a long way.


Gone are those days when you had to spend millions of naira on Marketing Efforts. In this digital age, you can now focus solely on digital marketing strategy. This method is cheaper and easier to use to promote your business. Some digital marketing tools assist with brand monitoring, email automation, content research, Content-marketing,  influencer approach, and social media management.

Marketing tools are valuable to small businesses that do not have enough funds to employ a marketing team. Some free online business tools to try out are:

Free Tool:

  • Google Analytics (Standard Version) is free. It allows you to track insights collating data and information relating to which users are visiting your website and how they engage and helps you track your website’s progress and performance.
  • Mailchimp- This works for email marketing. On average, it reaches more people than any other marketing activity. It allows you to send bulk emails to the inboxes of customers that subscribed to your mailing list. You can share information about new developments relating to what you are selling to them. Mailchimp is a service that will enable you to capture emails, manage your lists, send out emails automatically or on a schedule, and analyze engagement. Mailchimp’s basic service is free until your list hits 2,000 subscribers


In business, the image your business or brand has on your customer is important; your brand visuals keep your audience engaged, these entail the types of graphics, infographics, and images you put out on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Free Tool:

  • Canva- This is a free app that lets you do all this for free. It allows you to create original and gorgeous content in just a few minutes, such as social media graphics, infographics, marketing posters, eBooks, and anything else you could need.

Project Management Tools

This is a Personal Assistant (PA) in the form of your phone. Project management tools can help you work better while juggling everything else on your plate. Managing projects as a small business can be very challenging. You would require a business planning tool that would serve as a reminder, an alarm that lets you know which tasks are more important and which are of less importance.

Free Tool:

  • Google Calendar- This is a free calendar tool that allows you to set reminders and schedule tasks for each time of the day.

In conclusion,

These are some of the best small business tools out there. At least one of the apps listed can help you manage your business. The tools mentioned are designed to ease, simplify and accelerate all aspects of a small business. Most of them run free and paid versions. It is best to keep your business’s budget in mind on whether or not you would like to opt for something higher. If you are confused about how to start, cross out accounting and bookkeeping by downloading the Kippa App.

Send invoices and receipts
Send invoices and receipts

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What are the top tools to automate your business growth?

Google Analytics is the top tool that allows you to automate your business’s online insights. Kippa is a tool that can help automate your business’s finances

  • What are good accounting tools that aid business decision-making?

Kippa is a good tool for businesses. It allows you to monitor performance with respect to your goals, which helps you in decision-making. Because you have a clear view of where your business stands.

  • Which quantitative tools can be used for business analysis?

Kippa is a good quantitative tool for businesses. It helps you do all the math related to bookkeeping.

  • What are the tools needed for an online business?

Some tools you would need if you are an online business are Kippa to track your finances, Mailchimp to track email marketing insights, Canva for design, Instagram, and Twitter for publicity.

  • What tools are needed to improve business performance?

To improve a business’s performance, you should be able to manage your finances. A tool like Kippa for managing the bookkeeping aspects of your business would definitely help you.

  • What are the tools to grow my business online?

Some tools you would need if you are an online business are Kippa to track your finances, Mailchimp to track email marketing insights, Canva for design, Instagram and Twitter for publicity, Flutterwave for online payments.

  • What are the top online tools for small Nigerian businesses

Kippa for bookkeeping, Instagram for sales and publicity.

  • How can bookkeeping help business management?

Bookkeeping is a way to monitor finances in business management, it calculates all the sales, expenses, profits, losses, etc. Kippa is an amazing tool that does all the following and more for free. It allows you to monitor performance with respect to your goals, which helps you in decision-making. Because you have a clear view of where your business stands.

  • What is a good accounting tool for small businesses?

KIppa is a great accounting tool for small businesses, it allows you to monitor performance with respect to your goals, which helps you in decision-making. Because you have a clear view of where your business stands.

  • Best tools for starting a business
  1. Finance/Accounting Tools; eg Kippa
  2. Project Management Tools; eg Google Calendar
  3. Marketing Tools; eg Mailchimp, Google Analytics
  4. Social Media Management Tools; eg Buffer

Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun