Four Reasons To Start Sending Invoices As A Business Owner

Picture this!

You have successfully closed a client. They like the pictures you sent and want the product. Finally, they ask you to send the details of the goods and how to make payment. Then you send a screenshot, an extended WhatsApp message or worse, a picture of a paper.

It gets the job done, and payment will be made but it's not an efficient process for your business.

First, record keeping is more difficult because you have to go through your WhatsApp and Instagram DMs to keep track of your sales.

Secondly, it creates the impression that your business is not run professionally. If you want to add value to your business and charge extra for the experience, not sending invoices will hold your business back from the growth it deserves.

Now let's explore the reasons to start sending invoices as a business owner.

Build Customer Trust

The rise in the number of small businesses has been accompanied by distrust from customers because of the activities of fraudsters who pose as businesses. Alongside business registration, sending invoices is a great way to build trust with customers showing that you are a legitimate and professionally run business.

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Attract Bigger Customers

Established businesses are cautious about working with individuals or unstructured businesses. A big part of that is how they process payments. Most companies require invoices to be sent and processed by the finance department for documentation. To appeal to established businesses, you must introduce invoices!  

Monitor Sales Cycles

Sending invoices allows you to monitor sales patterns. This means that by looking at your sales volume for the past year, you can predict when people demand a particular good or service and prepare for it in advance. This helps you negotiate favourable rates with suppliers ahead of your competitors.  

Get Paid Faster

With invoices, you can follow up on payment requests and get payment faster. Ensuring that your cash flow is steady is critical to your business growth. If you use the Kippa app to send your invoices, you can send automated debt reminders to recover unpaid invoices faster.

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Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere