Documents required for business registration in Nigeria

Documents required for business registration in Nigeria 

If you are a business owner running an unregistered business, every day is a reminder of what you are missing out on. You see your fellow business owners winning grants that you cannot apply for because you are not registered, and you watch them get investors to support their businesses or get loans from banks.

You feel left behind but the process of registration just seems so complex. You hear words like “lawyers”, “portal”, and “documents” and feel powerless

Today our mission is simple, we want to help you take the first step to register your business by explaining the simple documents you will need to get started.

Bonus- At the end of the article, we will show you a stress-free process to register your business in days. No lawyers, no long forms plus all the support you need to register your business. Stick with us!

What documents do I need to register my business?

Government approved ID

National Identity Card sample- TechCabal

The first thing you need to register your business is a government-approved identity card. This means choosing an identity card from the following options.

Voter's Card

Driver’s License

International Passport

National ID Number Slip (NIN). (To get your NIN slip you can visit the link to generate your slip).

Things to note about your ID

  • Expiry Date

Make sure that whatever form of identification you choose, is still valid. Expired means of identification will not be accepted.

  • Name on ID Document

Please make sure that you write your name in the same way and order it is written on your government ID when filling out any registration form for your business.

Professional Looking passport

The next thing you need is a professional-looking passport against a white background. This is not a selfie or a crop out from a group picture.

Sample Passport Photograph 

This passport should be a clear picture of your face without anything obstructing the view. This means you can’t wear a hat, sunglasses or mask while taking your passport.

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Sample Signature 

The final thing you need is a clear picture of your signature on white paper. ( White paper means white paper! No lined paper, not cardboard or carton)  Make sure that every part of the signature is visible on the white paper.

Is that all?

Yes! With these three documents, you have everything you need to get your business registered.

I have my documents, Let’s register my business!

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Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere