Discover If KippaPay Is The Right Fit For You

KippaPay is Kippa’s agency banking network licensed by the CBN to provide fast access to simple financial services in communities across Nigeria.

KippaPay enables reliable cash withdrawals & deposits, funds transfer, bill payments, airtime & data purchases, sports betting, education service payments and bank account opening.

This article will help you discover whether you are a right fit for KippaPay and what you stand to benefit from becoming a KippaPay agent, driving access to reliable financial services in your community.

You are a great fit to become a  KippaPay agent if you fall into any of these categories:

You run a business from a physical location

If you run your business from a physical location, KippaPay allows you to accept card payments from customers. You no longer have to lose business because you don’t have a POS. Now your customers can pay quickly and securely powered by KippaPay.

You can also make extra income by making cash withdrawals, deposits and other simple financial transactions for customers using your KippaPay POS. The profit from charges and commissions from this is passive income that you should not miss out on.

You are a POS agent

If you are an existing POS agent, you are already providing simple financial services in your community. You typically operate out of a kiosk, under an umbrella, or move with your POS terminal.

KippaPay provides a range of benefits for you as an agent, especially a very stable & reliable network that saves you from disputes with your customers and all the headache of failed transactions.

You also get the freedom to run your business at your own pace with zero daily transaction targets. In addition, you get free branded materials to stand out and attract customers to your location.

You are an aggregator

Being an aggregator means you have grown a network of 10 agents or more in your network to whom you deploy terminals.

As an aggregator, KippaPay offers you access to regular training to help you expand your business. You can also manage your network of agents transparently with a dashboard that allows you to download reports for every agent and review transactions independently.

You are a Freelancer

If you are one of those people still looking to explore a profitable business but are not ready to set up a shop, maybe you're a student or you have a job that moves you from place to place very often; KippaPay still works for you.

You can get your KippaPay POS terminal and carry it everywhere with you. To the market, bus stops trade fairs, schools, etc. This is the best part about a POS business, you can run your business from anywhere, every day.

Join the movement- Provide reliable financial services in your community.

If you fall into any of these categories or intend to explore a new business opportunity to make extra cash then KippaPay is for you.

With KippaPay, you can perform transactions such as:

  • Transfers & Bank deposits
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Utility bills payment
  • Airtime & data purchases
  • Sports betting
  • Education service payments
  • Bank account opening.

Ready to get started? Click here to request a KippaPay POS today.

Peace Attah

Peace Attah