#DearCustomer- Business Owners Need You To Stop These 5 Things

Doing business in Nigeria is exhausting. You have to navigate logistics, foreign exchange rates, hiring, and much more. Every day comes with a new challenge and you definitely don’t need problematic customers added to the list.

That’s why today, we are calling out poor customer behaviour because if the customer is king then the customer should behave like true royalty- with courtesy, good manners and empathy.

This article lists 5 things we need customers to stop doing and how business owners can manage these situations.

                        Hang on tight, dragging will commence shortly

Giving the wrong address

Getting a product down to your home takes a lot of work. Don’t complicate it by sending the wrong address. When this happens, the vendor has to pay for an extra trip to deliver it to your location. Check your Google Maps well, please

Pro Tip-  Before confirming an order, send your customers a list of the information they have provided. This is an excellent way for them to review the information they have provided for mistakes.

Calling at odd hours

We understand that you need to do some shopping at 2 am. What we don't understand is why you are calling a vendor at that time and expecting a response ( some of you even call video call)  

Pro Tip- Set an automatic response across all the platforms you sell. Something simple like ”Thank you for contacting XYS Fashion, we are currently closed but will respond immediately we open by 9 am tomorrow”. This way, the customer is confident that you will respond in the morning.

Insulting Vendors

Being a paying customer does not give you the right to raise your voice and insult customers. If anything, it makes you look bad. Stop it!

Pro Tip-  If you can afford to, hire an experienced customer service representative who is trained to handle clients. If you can't, the goal is to stay calm, allow the customer to finish and restate that you are working hard to resolve their complaint.

Refusing to pay

Some vendors operate a part payment system with the balance paid upon completion of the service or delivery of the product. Customers take advantage of this system to get what they want and disappear into thin air. This is fraudulent behaviour. Repent!

Pro Tip- Customers like this are counting on you to forget the money they owe you. That’s why the Kippa app helps you recover debt 3x faster by sending automated reminders to your customers.

                                         Customers when it is time to pay

Complaining About Delivery Fees

This one is for people who stay in distant locations but expect to pay the same delivery rates. It takes a lot of time and effort to get your product to you so be ready to pay up

Pro Tip- Prepare a rate card for your delivery fees. This shows pre-agreed rates for different locations and prevents arguments between you and your customers.

If you’re triggered by any of these things, it’s because you have some work to do. But don’t repent alone, forward this article to your friends so they can also join in this new path of good behaviour.
Remember that great customer service takes two incredibly patient and kind people to happen. Decide to be a great customer today.

                                                     Go and sin no more

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere