Conquering Customer Success In Tech

Conquering Customer Success Across Different Industries

Customers are the kings and queens that every business can measure their success and growth with; At Kippa, we take our users to heart and consider them our bedrock. We had a long chat with the customer success manager, Maxwell Kentebe of Kippa, he took us through his journey and progress in the customer success field, his move from Kuda Bank to Kippa, and how his team works to keep the users happy.

How did you get into working in Tech?

My first experience with tech was in  2019, during my NYSC. I found a job application that Kuda put out and I did some research. I realized that tech was something I was interested in.
I got the job at Kuda Bank, where I worked in Customer Success, and, to be honest, working in that kind of environment put me in the position to learn more. I had to understand each aspect of the product to meet the needs of the customers. Now I’m at the Kippa customer success team and it’s been exciting so far.

How did you know that Customer Success was right for you?

I had worked in Customer Service before my NYSC at Capricorn Digital Limited. So Customer service was something I decided to build a career in quite early, even before I got exposed to tech.


What does a day as the Customer Success Lead at Kippa look like?

My day begins really and ends really late. The work I do means I am always on the clock. Just as customers are always using the product, I am also always available to help them use it better.
My workday starts at 8 am. I answer pending inquiries and escalate pending complaints. At 10 am, I have my daily Stand-Up with the customer success team and I get to work which includes solving problems for customers, forwarding requests to the product team and I’m at it till I fall asleep tbh.
I also do weekly training with my team to make sure we understand the product.

How do you do all of these and ensure your team members are not burnt out?

We do that with teamwork, to be honest. We split work and I also prioritize transparency on the team. If you absolutely need some time off, I make sure that happens. We basically rotate our roles and we are extremely flexible.

Wow! What is your team structure like?

Currently, it’s a team of 3 people. The customer success team is structured per channel and that means that everyone has channels they are responsible for. Folashade handles Instagram, Emails, and phone calls. Oyinkansola handles the telegram group chat and Facebook. I oversee everything.

One role we all play together is rocket chat, a feature that allows customers to reach out to us via the Kippa app itself.

That's awesome! What did you learn from Kuda Bank that you have applied to your role at Kippa?

Attitude to work and the tone of responding to customers. Working at Kuda showed me how important is to enjoy the work you do by making sure it’s fun. That’s because working in a customer success team is working round the clock so you have to learn how to work and play.

Another thing I learned was the importance of responding to customers in the right tone. You should know that customers are kings and without them, your business would tank. I quickly learned how important it is to not only build products that are usable but also invest in making sure customers understand these products. How you communicate this information is the difference between a happy and angry customer.

How do customers at Kippa differ from the customers at Kuda?

I would not say the customers are different, customers are the same everywhere; the only difference is the issues that they have. Kuda for example is a bank, and omo, Nigerians do not play with their money trust me. But all customers are the same, they just want you to solve their problems as fast as possible.
Kippa has really sweet and understanding customers I must say. Every time an issue is resolved they are so appreciative.

Kippa claims the customers are at the heart of every decision they make. What does that mean?

It means we build for users. I bet the team members use the product even more than customers do. We are always checking to see pain points and anticipate ways to make it better.

Their feedback guides every single decision we make. We survey regularly and talk to customers every other day.

What has been your best experience and worst challenge since you took up your role?

That’s a tough question, but my best experience so far would be the customer service week. Customers appreciated us and even more amazingly, the Kippa team appreciated us. You don’t see that everywhere.
Another amazing experience was a time I resolved an issue for a customer and she reached out to me personally to thank me.
Recently, we rolled out an update that had some bugs, and even though they were resolved almost immediately, our ratings dropped and customers were so unhappy. We had to reach out to so many customers but luckily it was not for a long time and that week, we had more sign-ups than we had in a while.

Amazing, so far what do you like about the Kippa team?

I know everyone says culture at their workplace is great and most times, it’s a wash but the culture at Kippa is really good. They are always ready to help even if you need help as late as 10 pm, someone will come through.

I love the Kippa Culture so much.

What would you rate your career on a scale of 1-10?

I would rate my career an 8, mainly because I feel like I’m at a point where I still have to learn. There is a whole lot involved in Customer Success and I think I have just scratched the surface.  

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Hafeedoh Balogun

Hafeedoh Balogun