How To Create A Successful Independence Day Sale

Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration comes up next week Monday! And you know what that means, a public holiday and a rare chance to relax from the day-to-day hustle.

But for business owners, Independence Day is not just another holiday, it's an opportunity to increase sales, clear out old stock or market a specific product. The timing of the holiday is also strategic because it falls on a salary weekend and spills into Monday. This presents the perfect situation for you. People are at home, they have money and are looking to actively spend it!

Let's get this money! 

Do you get the picture? Now let’s show you how you can get in on all the action and make money by executing a perfect independence day sale for your business.

Launch it!

This is obvious, isn’t it? It’s important to prepare the mind and wallets of your customers ahead of your sale. So if you haven’t announced your sale or are undecided about it, now is a good time to make the announcement.

A simple Whatsapp broadcast message that tells your customers what is on sale, how long the sale is going to be if there are any juicy offers and contact details etc will work.  Here’s a sample for a vendor who sells designer clothes and perfumes.

“You deserve to look good and smell even better, that’s why for Independence Day, we are selling our top scents and designer clothes at a discount.
Our Independence Day Sale runs from October 1st to October 3rd
Send Rushigamal a message here -”

Sending out notifications helps secure the attention of your customers so they plan to shop with you and not your competitors.

Be helpful!

Independence Day presents a rare opportunity for your customers to have fun. They are looking for ideas and activities, not another marketing message. This means that sending them a load of messages around this period will either get you blocked or ignored, This is where you can get creative by creating helpful content for your customers.

Draw up a list of events and shows happening during Independence weekend, Create an African Magic must-watch playlist, meals to cook as a family, fashion looks for going out with friends e.t.c

Once you have created this content, you can advertise your sale at the end of it. People are more likely to share your helpful content and as they share your content, your advert goes with it!

Add a sweet deal

The attraction of a sale is the feeling that you are getting more value than usual. Adding a discount is just the beginning of the kind of deals you can offer. You can offer free delivery for purchases made, add a small gift to every item, offer an extra discount if customers refer a certain number of people e.t.c

If you are feeling creative and patriotic, you can offer special discounts for people who buy items with any national colours- green and white.

Partner with another business

Find another business and team up to organize an independence day sale. It can be a complimentary business whose customers will also be interested in the products or services of your partner.


For instance, if you are in the business of selling wigs, you can partner with someone that sells makeup. This allows you both to benefit from publicity to more customers. You can go further to create special Independence Day collections that feature products from both businesses.

Before you announce your joint sale, be sure to work out how you will share responsibilities and profit!

Go Green

Make your Independence day message stand out from your competitors by being creative. Try using green and white in addition to product images. This allows your Independence message to serve as a reminder for your Independence sale.

Promote it

If you can afford to, then you should absolutely advertise your Independence Sale on social media. For instance, Instagram allows you to target a specific kind of audience using interests, age, and gender. This will help you reach your customers right where they are and improve the success of your sale.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drive sales for Independence Day. Put our tips to the test and craft a successful Independence Day sale for your business. We will be rooting for you

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Let’s Run Your Independence Day Sale Together!

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere