Advantages and disadvantages of using an accounting software

Advantages and disadvantages of using an accounting software

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Back to business

Every good thing has a disadvantage that you don't see. Take accounting software, for example; although we have always talked about how it makes managing business accounts less tedious than with pen and paper, there's a bad side to it too.

The convenience of accounting and bookkeeping software and apps comes with functionalities required in business management, such as invoicing, transaction reports, cashbook features, debt features, etc.

We have said several times in the past that it's impossible to build a profitable business without proper accounting; it's just not going to happen.

Let's start with the good side

Advantages of accounting software include:

The easy and quick automation process

Using accounting software makes everything easier. How? Everything you record in the Kippa app is paperless, just you and the app with enough information.

The process of automatic entry on the app syncs all your financial records, from your cashbook that tracks sales and expenses to the inventory that tracks stocks and the invoice that tracks

Security of information

What is the point of an accounting app if you can't back up your data to the cloud securely? You shouldn't require external storage to keep and protect your data. It is harder to use external storage that could be damaged due to a physical hazard. You need a type of storage that would not constantly leave you in worry. You shouldn't have to worry if your recorded data is safe; you should invest in any of your choice of accounting with this feature.

At Kippa, we store your information in the cloud, which is only accessible to you. Even Kippa would have no reach to your information, not to talk of external persons having access to it. All your data is safe and secure on our app.

Minimized errors

Accounting software are basically machines, and something unique about machines is their accuracy.

The Kippa app records every transaction mathematically accurately without any errors. Our computerized app has minimized the possibility of errors in your business financial journey.

Get an Account number for your business
Get an Account number for your business

Enhanced integration

An added advantage of accounting software or app is the other system integrations that come with it. For example, the new Kippa payments integration gives you a business bank account, the invoice generator, the debt reminder, etc

We have made it our goal at Kippa to provide all the business management tools required to grow and run your small business.

Disadvantages of Accounting software

The challenges of accounting software to the business include the following:


Many other accounting and business management software for small businesses usually come at a cost. You either have to subscribe and pay monthly or full-on purchase the app.

The best thing that Kippa has provided is an all in one accounting software: with an invoicing function, inventory, cash book, debt reminder, business cards, business bank accounts, financial reports and more. All at the cost of NOTHING. It's a FREE app for your business's ease.

Lack of data security and Virus

A challenge with most technology advancements is a lack of data security, data theft and virus.

We have a top Grade Security and Encryption. Your data is secure and safe in a cloud-based security system. We don't have access to your personal information; it's all protected by your password—no third-party intrusion.

This means Kippa provides its users with the best app cyber security system that encrypts their money information safely. We cannot access your money information at all. We can't even help you retrieve your password because using it all appears as codes that almost don't make sense to the average person. So unless you recover your password by yourself, we cant access your information in any way whatsoever, so we protect you even from us!

No 24/7 Customer Services

This factor is also crucial: Why? The reason is that it can be difficult to use something new. Commonly, humans are not the most adaptable to change. It would take time to get accustomed to this new business advancement, especially if you moved from manual accounting (pen and paper) to accounting software or app.

You need an accounting app that is easily accessible and user friendly; it's a new app, and nobody becomes an expert overnight. So it would take some getting used to. At Kippa, we have an A-plus customer support team and a chatbot for you 24/7 to help your smooth transition into the app.


Kippa has a lot to offer the average small business owner, we have provided easily accessible tools for your business growth. Because for the longest time, our goal was to nurture other small businesses like ourselves who had big dreams and dreamt of their business reaching higher places.

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