7 Women Making A Difference In Business

7 women making a difference in business

Happy International Women's Month!

Who is an ideal businesswoman? She is a woman of power, creativity, resilience and extraordinary hard work; she is tenacious and fierce in her business innovations and goals.

In honour of all the businesswomen, we would like to share some of the most inspiring self-made businesswomen making strong waves in the business community.

Motunrayo Agusto of M.O.T. the label

C.E.O. and Artistic Director of M.O.T. created an affordable clothing brand to provide high-end quality with vibrant and exquisite craftsmanship found in premium brands.

M.O.T. started by differentiating its style with unique pieces and a consistent fabric. Many women who wear M.O.T can spot their creations from afar. In fact, thanks to how well their style was, so many new fashion businesses copy the styles and fabrics from M.O.T.

What can you learn from MOT: Differentiate your business from everyone else with good quality and creativity. Dare to be different and people would rush your products.

Oreoluwatomi of Arami Essentials

Ore Runsewe, a beauty enthusiast, is the Founder of Arami Essentials, a natural beauty brand based in Lagos, Nigeria.

In 5 years, Arami Essentials has grown from a small natural skincare brand on Instagram to a globally sought after skincare brand with a unique positioning. At the core, Arami Essentials uses natural products to enhance beauty just like many others but what makes the business different is clean branding and photography.

Lesson to learn from Ore: Invest in creating products people would love to look at and then take the extra mile by making sure photography for these products is top-notch. Start by reading our product photography guide.

Ifeoma Amadi of Siainstyle

She is an all-arounder, Social media strategist, blogger and content creator, selling and teaching other small businesses how to grow their brand's social media engagements.

A while ago, Ifeoma lost her Instagram account but right now, she is thriving with a nice following, working with so many brands and creating content that’s distinct to her.

What can you learn from Ifeoma: You can build a brand out of your passion but hard work has a bigger part to play. Ifeoma works as a content creator for so many brands and has been able to grow by consistently doing great work.

Chigozie Obi, Visual Artist

Chigozie Obi (b. 1997) is a multi-dimensional visual artist who obtained a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the Creative Arts department, the University of Lagos, in 2017. Her work uses vibrant colours and figures to portray emotions and stories formed from personal/shared experiences and focuses on the representation of Black people in their diversity.

Her work has been featured in several group exhibitions and sales, including GTBank Art635 Inspire Auction (2020), MoCada Museum's silent auction (2019) etc.

What can you learn from Chigozie: Be inspired by her move to use her work to create self-acceptance, essentially learn to use your work to drive narratives amongst people in your community.

Temi of Verschona

Temidayo Awoliyi is a nail artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. She initially started as a small-time nail artist and designer but has expanded her business with an exquisite and affordable nail polish line. According to her, "it ticks all the boxes for nail artists; intensive coverage, fast dry time, incredible lasting shine, and importantly, great value for less".

Lesson to learn from Temi: Let Temi inspire you to start and grow your business. She started from a simple nail studio and is building an empire people never attempt to build.

Sandra Nkamigbo of Shop Nandra

Doctor and Businesswoman. Sandra is the Founder of shopnandra- an online fashion company that sources and retails vintage clothes mostly referred to as Okrika. The brand aims to provide women with the opportunity to have access to fashion items of excellent quality and wildly varying styles at the best price.

Today, Sandra does not just sell thrifted items, she also designs and sells her own original pieces which her customers love and wear. She took it a step further by starting a logistics company, NandraEx that helps her brand deliver items to her customers on time and also helps other businesses deliver their products.

Lesson to learn from Sandra: You can switch your career as many times as you want and you can start as many businesses as you think have the potential to be profitable. Sandra is building profitable businesses and so can you.

Shareefat Bakare of AspiringFitFam

Have you ever tried to lose weight, it’s difficult for some people and that was how Sharee started her journey. She built a business that sells unique fitness products from building a community by sharing her journey to getting healthy and shedding a few inches. She shares personal workout routines and simple hacks to help the community of mostly women (90% of her followers are Women). The goal is to help them adopt & fall in love with fitness & healthy eating by positioning it as fun & doable to enable them to live a healthier wholesome life. In turn, she provides access to fitness materials her audience can use to get their dream body!

Lesson to learn from Shareefat: Start by building a community and everything else will follow. Spend time solving the problems of people who need your service and teaching them new ways to reach your goals.

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Onyinyechi Nneji

Onyinyechi Nneji