7 Bestselling Products To Sell For Detty December

7 bestselling products to sell for detty December 

The end of the year is approaching!  The period where it seems like the entire world lets out a collective sigh of relief. People begin to postpone business activities and other major plans to next year as the focus shifts from work to festivities aka Detty December!

But if you’re a business owner, the year is not winding down just yet, Detty December and the festivities that accompany it bring opportunities for you to make some quick cash by providing products needed to truly enjoy the season.

In this article, we highlight 7 best-selling products you should sell to cash out this Detty December!

Christmas-Themed Pyjamas & Sweaters

This one is a major attraction for newlyweds and young families who are looking to do photoshoots to celebrate Christmas or just the end of the Year. This is where you come in with the facilities to help your customers pepper their friends and family!  

Fanny Packs

Man wearing fanny pack around waist 

Away from the excitement of NYSC camps, fanny packs witness increased demand during Detty December. They are a great way to organize all the belongings you need on the go. You can fit your devices, ATM cards, wallet, water bottles and fashion accessories all in one place!

Even better when they are fancy. If you want to attract customers, stand out with a variety of fashionable fanny packs.  

Flasks & water bottles

This one is for all the concertgoers. When Nigerian artistes fail to perform till after midnight, they need to ensure they stay hydrated as they wait for the grand performance.

Silver water bottle 

Colourful flasks and water bottles will help your customers transport water and other liquids as they move from one venue of enjoyment to another. You can go one step further to offer customized bottles and flasks for an extra price. Now your customers can stay hydrated in style for an extra fee.  

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The end of the year is also a time to show gratitude and what better way to show appreciation than with gifts? Hampers are a great way to send a lot of love and light in a  cute package to friends and family.


People are on the lookout for pocket-friendly packages that reflect warmth and gratitude. If your business curates packages like these, you are in to make a profit this season.

Mini Fans

Mini fans 

With all the partying that comes in December people are going to be sweating it out defying air conditioners and fans. That’s why they need something that is closer to home- the mini fan!

Built to fit any environment and occasion, the mini fan can be tucked into clothes, placed on a stand or simply held. It is the ultimate comfort accessory for events this December and will surely be in high demand this season.


This is the ultimate comfort footwear of the season! Wearing heels, boots and other statement footwear is great for the red carpet and pictures. But when it's time to head for the dance floor or even for more comfort, nothing beats Crocs!

Remind your customers that if they want to move around in comfort this Detty December, they need a trusted pair of Crocs!


All the moments of Detty December need to be captured for the long month of January ahead. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any moments, a power bank is essential to keep devices charged.

Offering great deals on power banks is sure to attract customers who will be on the move this season.

Tips For Making Your Detty December Offer

  • Show them the results- If you’re selling Christmas Pyjamas, you can compile pictures of pyjama shoots from last year to inspire your customers to make a purchase. Show them happy moments they should aim to recreate
  • Sell consequences - For critical items like water bottles and power banks, show the consequences of going out without one during  Detty December- getting stranded, dead phones, feeling exhausted, paying for more expensive options e.t.c
  • Tie it to the season- If you sell any of these products, it is time to tie your marketing to Detty December. Let your captions and your product descriptions show that it is the perfect buy for the season. For instance, if you sell Crocs, a caption like “ Dance without any stress in Detty December with this set of Crocs for only…”  is a great start.  
  • Great pictures- As always, great product pictures are an important way to attract and retain customer interest up until they buy.

Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere