5 Ways To Prevent People From Defrauding Your POS Business

5 Ways To Prevent People From Defrauding Your POS Business

Losing your hard-earned money is painful. You work too hard to let someone take your money away from you. However, there are people who make it their mission to take your money away from you and your POS business. These people are fraudsters and it’s our mission to help you avoid them.

In this article, we show you 5 ways to prevent people from defrauding your POS Business. Be sure to share this with other POS agents to ensure that they stay safe.

Don’t share sensitive information

Nobody who genuinely wants to help you resolve any issue will ask you for your password, OTP, pin or card details. Once you get a message or a call from anyone asking for these details. That’s a danger sign. RUN!!

Call to confirm

Sometimes, fraudsters might have some information about you. They will mention your name, your bank or some other information. This is because they have done some research and are trying hard to look legitimate.

This might confuse you and increase your possibility of falling victim. To avoid this, anytime you are unsure, call our customer service to determine if there is actually a problem.

Remember that Kippa will never ask you for your pin, OTP or card details. Our customer service is also available 24/7 to serve you via phone at 08162450093 or email at support@kippa.africa

Take a second look

Fraudsters sometimes come to your POS business with fake currencies trying to get you to transfer funds to another account. To ensure that you are not carried away with the promise of making money on a transaction, please take a second look.

Touch the notes to ensure that the texture is the same as genuine notes. If you have doubts, you can dip it into water and rub it gently. If it is a counterfeit note, the fake colour will wash off. Actual currency is water-resistant and will not wash off.

Don’t pay for favours

Any promise of a big pay or commission in return for a small payment into an account is a scam. Don’t be greedy, if anyone sends you any transaction that has this promise of first paying into an account for a quick return. That’s a SCAM!!

Train your staff

You can know the right thing to do but if your staff don’t have the right information, it can mean trouble for you. When you’re away, fraudsters might take advantage of your absence to defraud your staff. To prevent this, please ensure that you educate your staff about not giving out sensitive information.

Stay alert and apply these tips every day so you do not fall victim.

For any enquiries about KippaPay and to resolve complaints, please contact us at 08162450093 or support@kippa.africa

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Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere