5 Reasons every business owner should join the SME Connect by Kippa Community

Why does a community for business owners matter?

According to the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria ( SMEDAN,) there were approximately 39.6 million MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in Nigeria as of 2020. This number will continue to witness significant growth as more of Nigeria's population turns to entrepreneurship in hopes of building a stable income or supplementing underemployment.

Unfortunately, too many business owners are building alone, experimenting, making mistakes and trying to solve problems that can be easily resolved within a community of fellow business owners.

What are the dangers of building alone as a business owner?

Building a business alone in Nigeria without external support and a community to share ideas with, can leave you open to several negative consequences. Some of them include:

Making costly mistakes due to inexperience or exposure- This can include the wrong choice of suppliers,  a lack of knowledge about registration requirements for particular industries or even how to relate with customers. These mistakes can be easily avoided when you are a member of a community of like-minded business owners.  

Exposure to fraud-  Scammers take advantage of isolation to sell fake resources, and offer bogus investment or loan deals. They understand that if you don't have a community, the chances of you fact-checking and confirming the authenticity of the opportunities are low.

Missed opportunities- The lack of a community of business owners also means that you miss out on funding opportunities targeted at helping your business access zero-interest or low-interest capital from verified sources.

Why is the SME Connect by Kippa Community different?

The SME Connect by Kippa community was designed to create a powerhouse of like-minded business owners where ideas can be shared, business strategies can be discussed and free resources to drive business growth will always be available.

The community is powered by Kippa, an SME-focused startup invested in helping small businesses start, grow and run sustainably. This means that the community is backed by experts who understand the operational, financial, marketing and growth demands of running a small business.

Why every business owner should join the SME Connect by Kippa Community

From lively discussions by community members to structured sessions facilitated by experts and mentorship opportunities, the benefits of the SME Connect by Kippa Community are endless. Here are some reasons why every business owner should make it a priority to join the SME Connect by Kippa community.

Verified funding opportunities- Funding opportunities are regularly shared on the SME Connect community after being researched and approved by the community manager. This means you are only getting information that you can trust. The community manager and other business owners are also available to provide application support if you are interested in a shared opportunity.

Business Education-  Everyday,  business education content is shared in the community from how to navigate a failing business to getting your business online. The best part is that this content is always followed by lively discussions from community members who offer their unique perspectives on the content shared. You not only learn from the content shared but also from the diverse experiences of business owners across the country.

Learning sessions- Monthly sessions facilitated by community managers and guest speakers offer unique insight into the different ways you can improve your business operations and the essential skills you need to learn. All the sessions are easy to follow with the opportunity to ask questions and contribute.

Mentorship opportunities-  Another exciting reason to join the SME Connect By Kippa community is the opportunity to be paired with a mentor as part of a community mentorship program. This gives you access to a successful entrepreneur over a specified period. You can ask questions, get your business plan reviewed and shadow your mentor at work.  

Business pitch - A major highlight of the SME Connect By Kippa community is the business pitch competition held periodically. Here, business owners have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to a team of judges made up of other business owners and experts. The winner goes home with a grand prize and other resources to support their growth.


Building a business alone is lonely. It leaves you open to costly mistakes and can make you miss out on opportunities. Make a commitment to building your business with a group of like-minded business owners who will share their experiences and help motivate you as you learn the skills to take your business forward.

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Solomon Nzere

Solomon Nzere