5 Great Locations For Your POS Business

A POS business is a fantastic way to earn a good income by providing financial services to people in your neighbourhood. However, with more people realising the benefits of running a POS business, there is growing competition.

If you plan to set up a POS business in your neighbourhood or move your POS business, this article provides 5 locations to attract traffic and get your POS business moving!

Event Centres

Event centres are a major hotspot for POS businesses because it attracts a steady flow of guests who come for events. Starting from Wednesday, you can expect events to be booked and guests to flood your POS business.

With a reliable network, people will come to depend on you for fast transactions to fuel their event spending!


Entrance to the University of Ibadan- Twitter 

Now that the ASUU strike has been called off, universities are back in session and this means students are back in residence with money to spend.

Situating your business inside universities and around areas with off-campus residences is a great way to ensure steady patronage of your POS business. Building a relationship with students will make you a favourite among the student community.  


Locating your POS business close to or at the entrance of a market is a sure winner. However, with so many people realising it, there will be stiff competition for locations in the market.

To stand out, carefully scout locations where you will get a lot of people passing through your POS business. The market car park is a prime location because people are coming in and your POS business serves as a reminder to withdraw money and perform other transactions


Mall out in Nigeria- Nigerian Guide 

Malls are a great location because they are home to several restaurants, arcades, stores, businesses and cinemas. This means a lot of people come with the intention of spending money.

Your strategically positioned POS business will help people get the money they need to spend while having fun in all the great locations in the mall.

Religious Centres

Religious centres particularly large ones attract a lot of people during peak periods. There is a steady flow of people from midweek to Sunday services.

Religious centres are also often ignored by other POS businesses so if the location works for you then it is a great place to locate your POS business.

PS: the beauty of running a POS business is the location flexibility, so don’t hesitate to move to peak locations where there’s an event that can make you a lot of money like trade fairs or similar events that attract a lot of people willing to spend money.

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Peace Attah

Peace Attah